Is there any others cheap meterial to make mould??? ?

Is there any others cheap meterial to make mould??? If the mould big the silicone mixture will be too expensive

Paige Russell10 months ago

What material do you want your final cast pieces to be?

recuat (author)  Paige Russell10 months ago
Any think that can make mould but not expensive compare to the meterial you're posting. I wanted to make a mould for garden table surface is about 48inch round and some chair

If you plan on casting your garden table in concrete, you can use a plaster mold, making sure to seal the mold surface with three coats of slightly diluted Murphy's oil soap. Plaster is a much cheaper than silicone. With a such a wide, thin mold/cast there is a good chance that the plaster will crack or break when removing the cement cast, but if you only plan on making one table, that won't matter.

Another option is to use inexpensive bathroom style silicone mixed a few household ingredients and add it like a putty to the model. This instructable shows you how to do this:

I've never tried this on such a large piece, so I can't say for sure that it would work (and it would mean mixing MANY batches), but it makes sense to me that it could work.

I hope this helps!