Is there any place to get custom-shaped prescription lenses?

I have a pair of goggles of the style featured in this instructable. The problem arises because I am nearsighted and need prescription lenses to see properly. Thus the question: Is there some website where I can give them the particulars of the lenses and have them make the lenses and cut them to fit in the goggles?

FYI, they would just be 50mm circles.

I couldn't find the lenses on Zennioptical... But Alibaba has wholesale eyeglass lenses and some suppliers are cleared by 3rd party auditing companies. Here is the link:

Like frollard said, they come in big disks and you have to cut them down.

frollard8 years ago
prescription lenses come as large circles. To get the various shapes optometrists just put the lense in a machine that grinds it to the necessary shape. Tell them what you want and what prescription - they should be happy to help. is very good and fast and very inexpensive high quality