Is there any single K'nex set/tub that would give me enough peices to build gigantic guns/cannons?

I also dont want to spend to much money, and i don't really want to order off of ebay because shipping will most likely cost more than the product itself.

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Well This kinda is more then you wanna spend but you can build about anything.
Thanks for the answer, but yeah as you said this is alot more than i think me or my parents would wanna spend on knex.
Well I have to say, ebay is your best bet.
Hmm. Maybe ebay if i can get a good deal and cheap or free shipping.
I doubt you'll get free shipping but you can get it relatively cheap.
Yeah maybe, but i live in Germany, and some of the people on ebay don't ship to Germany or else it would cost like $30 to even $100, when the product that i was looking at (it was up for sale but know sold) was this
To bad:-( Maybe look for listings in Germany??