Is there any type of glue made for styrofoam?

I'm working on a school project where I have to layer pieces of styrofoam but all the glues I have tried (hot glue, spray adhesive glue) have corroded the styrofoam way to much. Is there a special glue that will not eat away at it? Thanks!

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Burf7 years ago
Use yellow carpenter's glue, not white glue. PVA (yellow glue) is water resistant when cured and will make a bond in styrofoam that is stronger than the  foam itself.
To do the glue up, remove the glaze from the foam with a piece of fine grit sandpaper, apply a light coat of glue to both pieces, use masking tape to hold the pieces together and let cure overnight.
hishealer7 years ago

I went to Michael's on the same search and found (drum roll please) Make It FUN brand StyroGlue...  Which looks and acts to me just exactly like white glue.  I wanted styrofoam glue that is also waterproof and have yet to find it.  This is water based, so not water proof, and my cooler from reclaimed styro blocks is a mess.  Let me know if you have better luck, my friend!

framistan7 years ago
Liquid-nails makes a paneling glue that i have used on styrofoam successfully. just buy the BIG tube in a caulking gun sized costs not much more than the little tubes of glues.  I would also give REGULAR liquid nails a try.  seems to me regular liquid nails glue might also work. 
CameronSS8 years ago
My best answer is exactly what NobodyInParticular said, just use white glue. However, I wanted to warn you that if you are experimenting with different glue types, do not use superglue/krazy glue/cyanoacrylate. It reacts with styrofoam ti create a nasty little cloud of cyanide vapor. I accidentally spilled a drop on some foam a while back, the tiny little puff of smoke drifted into my face. I was instantly blinded and could see nothing for about five minutes, and had irritated eyes for a few hours. Not trying to be a doomsayer, just trying to make a point and a warning.
What's wrong with plain old white glue? It's cheap, strong, and nontoxic.