Is there any way for me to categorize Homebrew on my PSP?

The list is massive, i have to keep the down button pressed for like 5 seconds to reach one of the homebrew programs....Just look at the picture. note:I can't add images, i guess i will edit this tomorrow...

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poparoo48 years ago
Heres A Right Answer ( depending on if your prepared to do it or not ) There is another custom firmware called 5.50 Gen Which if I remember correctly there is a way to have categories in the game folder. But this may not be an option for you since plugins, CTF themes etc. may not work.

Hope this helps ! = D
ReCreate (author)  poparoo48 years ago
Plugins don't work in Firmware GEN?
ReCreate (author) 8 years ago
i did not want to publish this, but i did by accident. I will explain what it is. I have about 20-30 homebrew apps, and i want to add them into categories like i can do with music, how do i do that without just having a bunch of "corrupted" folders? you see...every game/app/homebrew is a folder, in that folder is the files that the PSP runs
You might be able to use shortcuts but otherwise no, I think they stopped users from being able to do that after 1.51 but I'm not sure
ReCreate (author)  Tombini8 years ago
Shortcuts? What is that?
Like shortcuts on a computer desktop...
ReCreate (author)  Tombini8 years ago no such thing for the psp...
I know it can be done, just I don't know how to do it myself
ReCreate (author)  Tombini8 years ago
Have you done it before?
ReCreate (author)  Tombini8 years ago
Ok, So how do you know it can be done? Have you seen it being done before?
I cannot remember, maybe a youtube vid
ReCreate (author)  Tombini8 years ago
XD Youtube videos are likely fakes...
Why are you so skepitcal?
ReCreate (author)  Tombini8 years ago
Because 99% Of Youtube videos showing some product/achievement/something hard to believe is likely fake.
I disagree, 99% is a relatively large number of youtube videos Sometime successful coders can do amazing things...
ReCreate (author)  Tombini8 years ago
Ah yes they do, But they do not post a video on it...
ReCreate (author)  Tombini8 years ago
Well...I have 5.03 M33...
Tombini8 years ago
There are applications that make the scroll faster but I've never used them. Just delete the hombrew off the PSP and put it back on in alphabetical order but backwards (z to a) and this will mean its in alphabetical order on your PSP
ReCreate (author)  Tombini8 years ago
No i don't want to put them in order, i allready know how to do that. What i want to do is to put them in categories, like : Emulators> Bochs/Dosbox/Nes emulator Games>Need for speed blah blah /Some name Tools>Wifi finder/Psp tool Music>Vlc media player/blah blah you get what i mean?
Then I don't know how to help
ReCreate (author)  Tombini8 years ago
XD Well thanks anyways...