Is there any way to add a clutch to a weed whacker that doesn't already have one?

I have a weed whacker that I am hoping to use for attaching to a bike (several instructables of others doing this are already on here) but I think it would best and safest if it had a clutch. Is there any way to add one or does anybody have suggestions on how to work around this?

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Ankeladden7 years ago
 make a belt clutch 
lemonie8 years ago
It should have one already if it's petrol (gasoline), but if it's electric it won't. It's not really a suitable motor unless you know how to use it (without asking questions). You'll need gearing for this as well of course. L
miiwii3 lemonie8 years ago
hey u answer his question and not mine!!!!! just kidding but i agree it should already have one unless it is really old and i mean REALLY OLD
i have an old homelite like that. im guessing its direct drive.
balak95 miiwii37 years ago
i have a weedeater that is new and it doesnt have a clutch. it must be because its a oil and gasoline mix.
Use something besides a weed-eater.
Sandisk1duo8 years ago
better yet, just buy a kit to convert your bike, it's only like $150 for the 60cc model