Is there any way to bond two small pieces of Aluminum together?

I have been told Epoxy, but i'm making a ring and I want to attach a small cross to it. It needs to be durable too.?

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If you really wanted to you could go for aluminium welding rod/ solder. It has a fairly low melting temp and works with a strong blow torch.
welding is not soldering.....
I'm a little unsure about what to call it some people say it's welding others say it's soldering because of the low temperature filler rod.

Welding - joint with SAME filler metal as parts. Always takes place at the melting point of the parts.

Soldering - process where relatively lowtemperature metals react with metals of the joint by dissolving into solid solution to form a joint.

Brazing, essentially the same as soldering, but a higher temperature process using different metals, gives a stronger joint.
The filler rod is not aluminium. I think it's an aluminium/ tin alloy melting temp around 300 degrees C. its not welding, its soldering.
Why bond a small cross to the ring when you can easily carve the cross from access aluminum at to top side of the ring.
iceng4 years ago
I have a hereditary hand tremor that is sonic, some say ultra-sonic. 
The benefit to my condition is, I can solder aluminum by vibratory 
exclusion of the near instant oxide layer prior to the hot alloy forming 
metal bond while the hand held solder iron keeps the metal clean :-)

vince 094 years ago
I used JB to put the pocket clip back on my pocket knife when the screws broke and it works great still using it today
mrmerino4 years ago
Try JB Weld. I've heard good things.
Wylder Barrows (author)  mrmerino4 years ago
If I use JB weld will it be able to withstand stress such as drops, hits, and other stress?
Frollard, can you get this? I'm only vaguely familiar with the properties of JB weld.