Is there any way to get a list of all the instructables that you've ranked favorably?

It used to be that when you ranked an instructable it went immediately into your favorites, but then they quit doing that some time ago. I'd like to have a list of all the instructables that I liked so I could review them like the favorites. Thanks for any info

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lemonie8 years ago
I posted this link on a previous question, only today I think?

As the author explained, that's different than what he's requesting.
A far as my 14 go, I think these are ones that I marked +ve back when it was a thumbs-up/down system. Which is one reason why I stopped doing it.Now I understand the question, but I don't know why those from the past show while recent ones don't? (aaaah - my head!) L
Apparently (according to the author's text) long ago whenever you rated an I'ble +ve it was automatically added to your favorites list in the database. That's no longer the case.
But why is the feature still with us if it relates to something obsolete? L
Sorry? Rating and "favoriting" are now separate actions: rating is now 1-5 stars, set via each I'bles INFO box; "favoriting" is set via the FLAG box, in parallel to marking it "inappropriate" or whatever.
ewilhelm8 years ago
Good idea. Would you mind posting this as feature request in the feedback forum section?