Is there any way to make a file into a folder under Windows?

I know you're thinking I could just rename it to .tar and untar it, but is there any way to rename the file, change the registry or ownership to make Windows treat it as a folder? And would changing it back work the same way?

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Maybe, I don't know, if the file extension ( .dat ) is unknown to windows (change it if it is known), you can choose which program to open the file with, and find/use the windows explorer program to open the .dat file with (Windows Explorer is located in your Windows folder, or wherever your Windows folder is)
This may work. I know in Linux, you can open different types of files with Archive Manager, so it may work, unless Windows is as crappy as they say, and you can't do anything good on it.
djayar6 years ago
outch... my folder turns into a file format... i cant change it back into a folder... please help me.... :(
Nofew (author) 8 years ago
Yes, the description is a bit wrong, sorry about that. The file is a .dat file belonging to a game. It's almost four gigs in size and I want to try to modify its contents, just to see if I can. Once, the game crashed and the log was pointing to files inside the .dat as if it was a virtual hard drive which is why I thought I could just untar it.
electricowl8 years ago
A folder is basically a list of pointers to files. Not really a file itself.
n1LWeb8 years ago
I don't know exactly what you're trying to do but I'm pretty sure it's not Possible. Even your description of the Problem is wrong. You can't just rename any file to tar and unpack it. You can only do that with an tar archive. Anyway, maybe the nearest thing to what you're trying to do is a compressed zip file. The windows explorer opens zip packed archives in a way that seems like it's using it as a Folder. You can copy files into it, and you can move them out of it. But even this isn't a real Folder! For example you can never install any software into it. In fact if you open a file in this "zip file folder" then windows extracts it to a temporary location and runs it from there. If this document/program/... needs other files in this "zip file folder" than it can't access it. For this to work the compression has to be built directly into the file system and this isn't possible. The part with renaming back and forth is completely impossible. A file is completely different from a folder and thus a simple renaming can't change one into the other. n1L