Is there any way to put words/letters on potato chips?

It's part of my superbowl entry. I know it sounds silly but if there is any way i would like to know. (Don't tell me to google because I already have)

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canucksgirl5 years ago
All you need are markers that are made with edible dyes. They sell them at a number of stores that sell cake decorating supplies. Michaels would carry them as well. There is an instructable on how to make your own food markers HERE.

On the cheap, you could simply whip up a batch of food coloring, and use a very fine tip paintbrush and start "writing".
patriots8888 (author)  canucksgirl5 years ago
You're welcome. I look forward to seeing your entry. :)
Kryptonite5 years ago
Another possible method for 'baked on' writing, would be to write with lemon juice then bake on a low (120 Celsius) heat. It would come up like lemon-juice invisible ink!
patriots8888 (author)  Kryptonite5 years ago
haha nice, I gotta try that
Post results when you do!
Vyger5 years ago
How about a cut out stencil and a spray dye, Mix food coloring in water and use a spray bottle. If you are good enough, steady enough hand, you can use aluminum foil and an exacto knife to make the stencil.
Vyger Vyger5 years ago
A problem that you might run into is that chips are oily and water based color might not soak in.
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nope, I made my own.
kelseymh Vyger5 years ago
It looks like you left it in a bit too long (burned through the plastic).

If you limit it to 2 seconds at 1000 watts (100% on my microwave), you get an awesome fractal pattern, while most of the aluminum is still shiny. And the Terminator Effect is awesome!

We had a massive stack of AOL CD at my work, and perhaps a bit too much free time :-)
Vyger kelseymh5 years ago
This one was not done in a microwave.
It was put on the warm surface of my wood stove and then gently heated with a propane torch. You get it just hot enough to make the plastic melt. To hot and it catches fire and leaves nasty burn marks. In addition to the aluminum crackling you get little bubbles from the heat. After you get it looking like you want it you have to pick it up with a metal spatula and put it on a flat surface to cool.
kelseymh Vyger5 years ago
Even more interesting! Thank you very much for the details. It is curious to me that the final result is similar visually to microwaving.
VERY COOL! I had no idea. Thanks for sharing the larger image. :)
Try it yourself! Speaking as a professional physicist, you won't damage your oven (unless you insist on doing a whole stack of CDs all at once :-). The craquelure look embedded in the plastic can be quite striking when it turns out well.
Thanks. I think I might. (Besides my microwave is older than the hills). ;)
Burf5 years ago
If you are real careful and have a light touch, a felt tip pen will work. Or, you can use some small stencils and spray paint it on. Or, pick up a set of the pre-cut, adhesive backed letters, available at most office supply retailers, and stick the appropriate letters to the chips.
ok, i'm not eating chips at your house... :P (lol)
No worries. With my special bean and cheese dip you'll never notice I've written the entire third act of Shakespeare's King Lear in itty-bitty, teensy-weensy script on each chip. ;)
mmmm.... bean and cheese dip... *drool* :P
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