Is there any way to still get the windows 7 beta?

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UziMonkey8 years ago
Microsoft took down the Beta (I think). If they're not giving it out anymore and you want it now, you're going to have to pirate it. Piracy of the Betas is tolerated, they don't really mind. Though if you don't mind waiting, I'm pretty sure they're going to have an RC release soon (which is why they took the beta down).
yes, they did.
songkipark8 years ago
go to my profile and go to the last page on the instructable" getting and installing windows 7 builds 7000, 7022, 7048, 7075...". also please rate.
Goomanhimer8 years ago
find a torrent and and search google for time nuke for windows seven and read up on that and u should be good to go
S1L3N7 SWAT8 years ago
I believe you can still get it through bit torrent.