Is there any way to stream a DVD or a Blu Ray disc from a home theater player to a tablet PC?

Folks, I've searched and searched.  But wouldn't it be nice to be able to put a movie in to your Blu Ray player and stream it via either WiFi or Bluetooth TO your tablet. I'd like to be able to do this as tablets generally don't have HDMI jacks and if they do it's only to stream content FROM the tablet. I'd like to be able to sit in my recliner and watch a movie on a DVD or BR I already own, while my wife watches something else.  Developers take note;  I contacted the WiFi alliance and spoke to a fellow there who hadn't even thought of the idea. If someone comes up with an application and/or a device that would make this possible they could  make some serious income patenting it.  Just give me a free unit to evaluate if you do :).

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iceng4 months ago

This sounds like what you are asking to do

Cliffystones (author)  iceng4 months ago

This looks cool, something I'll try out when I'm fully recovered (cancer surgery). But since I've found one supplier with the Samsung Hub, I'll probably get that for now. Thank you for pointing me to this instructable!

rickharris4 months ago

1. you need a link between the DVD player and wifi or Blue tooth.

2. You need a link that can stream video, this is essentially a dedicated PC.

3. You need a link that can be fast enough for real time video.

How much of this have you looked at

IF you use a PC as the DVD source you could use a chrome cast (google) if your tablet has an HTML input.

I do this to our TV.

Cliffystones (author)  rickharris4 months ago

Thanks for your suggestions and links. A lot to digest there. And my handicap wasn't that I didn't know, but that I didn't know what I didn't know. A play on words fore sure, but when you're so inundated with information, a lot of it factual, and some of it marketing nonsense, you just don't know what questions to ask or how to phrase them. Thanks again.

Downunder35m4 months ago

The easiest would be to use a huge hard drive that stores your ripped movie collection and is connected to your router.
This way you can use the hard drive as a media server and access it with any half decent streaming app.
As an alternative you do the same by using a PC to act as the disk player with added streaming feature.
There are commercial HDMI transmitters available but due to the data volume the do cost a fair amount of money.

I have the PC running most of the time when I am home anyway, so there is Serviio running for whatever I might want to watch on the big screen through my Android TV box.
And if I want to go solo, like for playing music videos during the summer bbq's then I connect a 32GB USB stick to my router with all the videos I want to play.

Cliffystones (author)  Downunder35m4 months ago

Yours is a "solution" that I plan to implement long-term. But the one "material" I lack for your solution is time. If I were to start right now, "ripping" my collection would take weeks at best for an average person who has nothing else on their agenda. I'm in the middle of recovering from cancer (caught it early!) and I'd like to do watch some of my old movies now. However i really appreciate your reminding me about using a PC, as my son decided he wanted an "Alienware" laptop and gave me his quad-core desktop which should have enough "umph" to stream even 1010p. Thanks again.