Is there any way to water-proof a circuit?

I am hoping to build an underwater robot and am not sure about the circuit. It would include a motor and a battery. Is there any way to waterproof a circuit so I could be able to modify it? (Ex. change the battery.) Thanks!

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lrdforster5 years ago
If you want to biuld a ROV waterproofing is a small problem Pressure is much bigger problem, this is commonly overcome with the use of non conductive fliuds filling all air spaces increasing the possible depths acheivable
robotkid2498 years ago
You can use liquid resin, which is like liquid plastic, you can pour it into a mold and put you circuit in the liquid... When it dries, you get a circuit encased in plastic... It is pretty cool...
gmxx8 years ago
I build ROV's. The motors: use bilge pumps. already waterproofed. go to a hobby shop and find a 3 bladed propellor and install that. for electronics, i would use a pelican case to store the electronics in. Then use a compression fitting wire passthrough (mcmasters) to connect things outside of the pelican case. We keep the power on the surface, but you can put the batteries on the rov. you could seal them in a plastic pipe with a compression fitting, wired to the pelican box, and connect somewhere in the pelican to charge the batteries.
well you need to put the circuit boards and the motor in some kind of waterproof enclosure. Most people doing this as a hobby use ordinary ABS pipe from the hardware store to build their enclosures.

Anywhere non-moving parts, such as wiring, has to go through the body, you will need to make a hole just large enough, pass the part through, secure the part on both sides, and then seal it with the part in place.

Anywhere moving parts have to go through the body, such as for a propeller, you need gaskets. If you're going more than a couple of feet underwater, you'll probably have to use the positive pressure to keep water out. The whole thing gets tough and complicated so to avoid this issue entirely, use moving parts that were factory-made to get wet.

See this instructable, they discuss the use of bilge pumps as thrusters as well as a lot of other helpful stuff. :
frollard8 years ago
homebuilt rov submarines are made from abs or pvc pipe with twist caps on the ends. SLA batteries are used because they offer a lot of weight to ballast the device.

awesome example.