Is there anything fun/cool/interesting I can do with a Playstation 1?

I have a dust collector in the form of a Playstation 1. Anyone have any ideas for something cool to do with it?

Ollus4 years ago
Give it to some retro game system collector...we care for such devices...
Bigev5 years ago
Drop test. find a suitably high stairwell with a hole in the middle, and drop it. observe and record the results. Then, clean it up.

that's what'd happen at my school...
brandegor (author)  Bigev5 years ago
Ha - this is the best answer so far!
nepheron5 years ago
Make a laser from the laser diode inside?
you can buy one for $0.50
Re-design5 years ago
You could make a computer case out of it.
brandegor (author)  Re-design5 years ago
Wouldn't that be a little tiny computer? I mean, I'd LIKE to do that very much, but absolutely don't know how.