Is there anyway I can get my (custom firmware) PSP to use a TV as a display?

I was just wondering if there was any selection of cables (and homebrew software) which would allow me to output to the TV. My friends enjoy watching each other play Patapon, but looking over shoulders is irritating after a while!

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ReCreate8 years ago
Is it a Phat psp or a Slim PSP? In other words a 100X of 200X PSP? If it is a 200X, then you can buy a cable that connects next to the headphone port that you can connect to your tv's RCA in. If it is a 100X, Then you are out of luck. Also, X could be any number, in the us it is 1
lemonie8 years ago
What output(s) do you have and what input(s) does your TV have? L
Cheshire Swift (author)  lemonie8 years ago
Scart, 3-pin AV (Video + L/R audio), S-video... pretty much anything. As for output, unless I'm mistaken I'm limited to the PSP's USB port, which doesn't fill me with much hope, hence asking.
It's not one of these then?

psp1000 and 2000 have slightly different, but similar video output ports right next to the headphone plug. Thats the video out port.

It's fairly small/specialized, so you *could* make a cable, but it'd be easier to buy one. They come in component/composite varieties.

I didnt think cfw affected your ability to use the video port.