Is there software to adapt a PS3 controller to PC?

My Logitech controller shorted out, and I have this PS3 controller already, which has that USB cable... But I still want to be able to use it on PS3 later.

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Dumchicken6 years ago
heres one for ps2 if you want i dont know if this will work with ps3 thou
ps2 adapter.bmp
Go to This Website>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
hishealer (author)  Soopah Steve8 years ago
Thanks for the reply! I tried the download, but it didn't work on my system. I'm gonna tinker with it when I have a little more time; I was in a rush to start Besieged...
w8. do you have a mac / linux???
hishealer (author)  Soopah Steve8 years ago
Windows Vista I think.
i found one for vista. go to this website and download