Is there something wrong in the Uploading of Instructables?

Whenever I try to upload a Photo It fails, and ERROR 10 shows up.
I do not have any problem with uploading Photo in Face Book, or Google then why the problem on this site?

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Alex Mercer5 years ago
Just error.
1. Too heavy and high quality files, I must resize the resolution first because my camera is too good.

2. Try restarting it by clicking cross out at that photo's name label's right side and click select files and choose your photo of desire and open it. That's the only way I did ;)
Dipankar (author) 5 years ago
I am also using XP and fox.
There is no problem uploading by using Broadband connection.
THE PROBLEM is I use Internet through Mobile Phone and there is the problem.
With Face book I do not get any problem, but the problem is when uploading to Instructables through Mobile Phone attached to my PC.
iceng Dipankar5 years ago
You should try a battery remove reset of your Mobile Phone,
and restart the PC simultaneously including the broadband
Dipankar (author)  iceng5 years ago
As it is there is no problem uploading to Face Book, so why remove battery and reset
iceng Dipankar5 years ago
Sorry, I thought you said "the problem is when uploading to Instructables through Mobile Phone"
I think then a hard reset of your Mobile Phone could help.
WWC5 years ago
Clear your cashe and cookies ect.
iceng5 years ago
I just uploaded a pic to my library now.
And one of you.  I run XP with Fox :-)

No problems for me either... (using Mac OSX with Safari)