Is there such thing as a Normally closed spst relay?

Im am looking for a Normally closed single pole single throw relay but can't find any when i google.Is it just because i am miss naming these relays

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Why not use a single pole double throw (SPDT) relay, and just ignore one of the pins on it?

I mean just pretend  the normally open pin is not there.  If you do not connect anything to it, the electrons won't know it is there either.

iceng Jack A Lopez4 years ago
Pleased to have you reiterate my comment of yesterday ;-D
Other than reed switches most manufactures don’t bother except for special orders.

There are hundreds of relays that will do you.

Just because you only want to use one of the normally closed contacts of the relay a six pole relay will do you.

Just connect the magnet coil and one center and one closed contact.

iceng4 years ago
Yes a Single Pole Single Throw Normally Closed relay can most certainly exist.
Particularly as a portion of a high current multiphase contractor.

I still have the component relay parts to assemble a few poles with any organization
of contacts merely by stacking insulators and stamped beryllium spring tabs.

Though normally I would buy a SPDT relay to accomplish this.

mh76dk4 years ago
try searching for "spst-nc relay" (without quotes, though it probably works with quotes too).