Is this Arduino on ebay Legit?

I just Found One on Ebay To 20 Bucks, Link
As I read the Description it seemed legit...But when i saw where it came from, fraud alarms rang on my head(hong kong)...
It seems a good deal...Compared to the secondcheapest one i could find at sparkfun...
I would Just get the One from Sparkfun just to be safe...But i don't have allot of money, and i will save some money every time i have a chance to do so...
So what do you think?

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Garfield-8 years ago
could be legit its hard to tell, some feed back they have is questionable -from buyers with only 1/2 feedback themselves- but it could also seem that they are overcharging on shipping to make up for the reduced price... I personally would go with sparkfun I have ordered from them before and the support for their products alone is worth the extra $. Plus hell you know it will be legit, cause buying 2 fake non-working boards is still more expensive then buying 1 legit one...
ReCreate (author)  Garfield-8 years ago
Yeah...I think i will buy from sparkfun.
2nd'ed - buy from sparkfun, or ladyada... An arduino to ship around the world costs probably 2-3 dollars (plus 1 for an envelope) in a padded envelope. They're charging 9 - and I hate so very much when ebay sellers do that.
Derin frollard8 years ago
My arduino shipped for 30 dollars.
frollard Derin8 years ago
30 shipping?!
ReCreate (author)  frollard8 years ago
Yeah, They sell an item for 1 dollar and the shipping was like 15 dollars, So if you are dissatisfied they only lose one dollar, you can't refund shipping.
schel3 years ago

Yes far as copies'll probably get what I got when I ordered 2....the are actually ATMega 8a ICs installed...yes it has optiboot8 on it and the blink sketch. I popped out the 8 IC and threw in a 328 with a Arduino boot loaded....Though I have yet to get my computer to see past the NEW DEVICE USB2.0-SERIAL...issue to see if it works or not other than LEDs lit.

firesign8 years ago
Yes, it is legit. I ordered from them on ebay a few weeks ago. They shipped a week later, and the products arrived (east coast Canada via Hong Kong) about two weeks after that by regular mail. Good price if you are not in a hurry.
ReCreate (author)  firesign8 years ago
Oh it is? That's too bad, Its a bit late now.
It's prob. a legit copy. This is common in China, even IPODs are reverse engineered and sold as such (Canal Street, New York anyone?).
ReCreate (author)  Spaceman Spiff8 years ago
Yeah maybe...Better safe than sorry...I am getting this one
ReCreate (author) 8 years ago
I found another one about 2 Dollars Cheaper
From, the site....I am Buying this one since it is obviously legit, Coming from the arduino site ;)