Is this DC motor suitable for a wind turbine/bike generator?

Hi, so I have recently salvaged an old garage door motor, I have managed to a separate the DC motor from the casing and now I am converting it into a generator (by removing the metal core and replacing it with permanent magnets.) The motor's label says 120v, what can I make with a motor this size? Will this motor be acceptable to convert and make into a generator for wind turbine or bike?


MOTOR No. 123D67
120V 60 Hz 4.5A 70 degrees C
TYPE T. (CL. B (Odd symbol) OBJY2 188B72)

Thanks guys!

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iceng3 years ago

I don't think it is a DC ( Direct Current ) motor, but an AC ( Alternating Current ) induction motor.

If you spin the motor at design speed about 1700 RPM you can add an AC capacitor about 300VAC 5uF it ( the motor ) will generate AC output.

Adding a PM rotor in place of the AC squirrel-cage armature will generate a voltage at low speed but little current and a sharp drop off in output as RPM increases.

....its not a DC motor if it says 120V 60Hz on the side ! Its also intermittent duty on that current too.

You are very correct.

I was being subtle ( not to hurt authors feelings :-)

A pic of the motor would have been more helpful in answering your question.

Since you altered the motor all bets are off.

Connect it to power and see what it does.


rickharris3 years ago

540 watts - your going to find it hard to get 120 volt battery pack so the generator is a better bet.