Is this Potassium nitrate good?

well i bought some potassium nitrate.on the bottle it say saltpetre,potassium nitrate,B.P and in small letter its written Saline Diuritic. I want to know if its a good type of potassium nitrate to use because i tried to make a fuse out of it and it failed miserably.....and also mine is in small grains while what i see from know is powder. Answer me plz

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to know it is a potassium nitrate
all you have to do is test it
lemonie7 years ago
It should give you a % on the bottle. BP is a British Pharmacopoeia preparation of potassium nitrate for medicinal use, it's not necessarily high purity. L
should be atleast 99.9% A-grade =]

Is that AR grade, or higher?

Its the main grade. I've never seen it in any other grade. but if your making gun powder you have to have electric scales, and have the measurments absolutely perfect.

Well I think anything over 80% is probably going to work.

no, anything over 90% but you wont get the same gunpowder effect. u need 99.9% to get the real gun powder effect.
It is not very clear what they actually want to do with it. Black powder isn't mentioned, fuses are something else. I wouldn't disagree with you over black powder.

69lotto69 (author) 7 years ago
well in canada or should i say in quebec there is none of these in any shops =_=
its illegal =] try the pharmacist. and whenn they ask, say its to cure meat xD seriously, it can be used for that.