Is this a good design for a forge?

I'm wanting to make a forge, and i have 20 extra bricks, so i was thiknking of making a forge out of brick, following this idea i had in this image.
If i made it it would be about 35in by 35in and i havn'e decided on the height. It would use a poured concrete base, I chose brick over making the whole thing out of concrete because i thought it would be stronger. But idk

Picture of Is this a good design for a forge?
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I dont see anything wrong with yer idea ,  but if you want some more qualified folks to give thier opinion go to th' forums at and ask this question !
+1. Good site.
Re-design7 years ago
I hate to always be the one to throw the first "stone" but you cant' use regular brick in contact with fire.  Especially a fire that hot.  It'll crack and crumble in just a few heatings then all your work is wasted.  You have to find firebrick that is made especially for that use.
Concrete may also be no good.
If it's in contact with fire. The usual forge-arrangement is to have a blown-hot-spot in the middle of a bed of coke.

jtobako7 years ago
That's more than 20 bricks : ) The most important part is getting the air into the fire-everything else is just looking pretty. European side draft (air pipe into the middle of the fire) or American bottom draft (where the air comes up from the bottom)? Put a hood or chimney on it or you WILL be eating smoke and not able to see your fire. My forge is a flat plate with bottom draft, 3 'walls' of clay brick 3 rows high (9 bricks total) and a chunk of metal bent into a tube for a chimney.