Is this a hidden microphone or some kind of power supply?

The button on the left clicks in like a pen and an internal lever locks it into place.  It will not ever release unless the unit is disassembled.  After pressing the end, the internal pin makes contact with the metal can on the right.  The can was broken open open during extraction and has a core of an unknown material.  There is also a single wire protruding from the side.  The insulation originally covered the wire.  Markings on the plastic housing are NB and under the NB, a lower case letter "a".  It is about an inch long.  A larger, milder spring and internal pin that looked like a tiny nail that was in the square housing are not in the image.

Picture of Is this a hidden microphone or some kind of power supply?
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NachoMahma7 years ago
. Looks like the ignitor from a disposable lighter to me. The can would be a piezo element.
Reiff5 years ago
Yeah, I agree I've seen a piece like that from a lighter before.
looks like the piezo ignitor from alighter, us em to make mini potato guns, check out my slideshow....
Kiteman7 years ago
As the others have said, it's a piezo sparker from a cheap cigarette lighter.

If you find one that works, you could make a party popper.
lemonie7 years ago
Nope, its a Piezoelectric ignition from a disposable cigarette lighter.


lemonie lemonie7 years ago

And it's broken, like it was driven-over by omehing.

zack2477 years ago
looks like a sparker from a lighter to me. where did you get it?
Burf7 years ago
Nope, its the Piezoelectric sparker for a disposable cigarette lighter.