Is this from a medieval spear?

This was found in my tyre and looks like it's from years ago....maybe medieval? Looks like a metal leaf or a spear head....just want to know what it is's about 1.5" long x 1/2" wide and is solid metal. 

Picture of Is this from a medieval spear?
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bwrussell4 years ago
Where abouts do you live?
landreou (author)  bwrussell4 years ago
For some reason it won't let me reply to each of your posts. I live in Kent and would of picked this up local to where I live as it left a massive hole in my tyre so wouldn't have been able to drive far. It doesn't have any signs of it being attached to anything ie a fence etc.
Something occurred to me and I had to come back... There is no place for it to be mounted on a handle, at least not straight, if it was mounted by the tab at the bottom.
Kiteman4 years ago
Looks like relatively recent decorative ironwork, such as a leaf from a fence. Heavy rusting doesn't just mean great age, it depends on the local conditions. In damp, acidic soil, that sort of damage could happen in only a few years.
My first thought was the top of a fence. Perhaps something that was painted with the wrong kind of paint would result in it peeling off and rusting, like you said, in the right conditions.
oldmicah4 years ago
"Leaf" from a wrought iron ivy gate? You can buy cheap versions here that are just painted black. Not sure if they would rust like that, but....