Is this possible?

It looks cool, but it's fake. i want it though

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lemonie5 years ago
Think "astronaut-food", yes it's possible, you just puree things in a blender.
Go on; make an Instructable out of this idea.

iceng lemonie5 years ago
+3 Triple point of water...... is it not involved ?:-)
rickharris5 years ago
Seems possible - Over here we tend to call this stuff soup.

Cupasoup is the instant version.
canucksgirl5 years ago
Is this possible? - NO. It was an April Fools Joke...
it's possible a keurig could make hot coloured flavoured slop...I'd give it plausible at least.

(especially given the videos of the asian 'candy' goops that form into real-looking food)
lol... We'll have to call Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman to put it to the test. No doubt they'll run on a tangent and make it into a two part special before they decide inconclusively that it might be plausible...
So long as it involved duct tape and explosions I'm in.
would you mind PMing me their numbers? ;)
...ya.... it's called reading the comments... ;)
iceng5 years ago
Lol...... Just try to buy and the April humor is revealed ;-D