Is this site a scam or is it good?

The site  is: http://horizonnashville.com/

I just wanted to know because i sent them a song and they sent me some information and a contract. The email says:

Congratulations! We are impressed with your song lyrics (BLANK) and I’m happy to tell you that we have accepted them to be
set to music and Professionally Recorded!

We have many credentials and accomplishments and we hope to add your song
to our list. With sales, radio air-play, television, motion pictures and
live performances a prolific songwriter can easily earn in excess of One
Million Dollars!

Please open and read the attached letter and contract. Our contract is for
your benefit. It protects you as 100% owner of your words and provides
that you receive all money that they may earn, in addition to, our "Cash

I look forward to a rewarding relationship.

Ronnie James
President, Horizon Music
(615) 417-1945

The contract says: 

                                                                                    SONG RECORDING CONTRACT
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Date: May 25, 2011
Songwriter: Vincent Dolliole

I would like for Horizon Music to produce a professional recording of my song listed below:
                                                                                     Horizon Music agrees:

1. To compose music for the Songwriter’s words and produce a professional song recording using five
Nashville musicians and one Nashville singer.
2. To provide the Songwriter with two compact disc copies of the completed song within approximately
three weeks from the date that their contribution is received in full for that song.
3. To submit the song to music industry professionals as Horizon Music deems appropriate.
4. To ensure that the songwriter is paid 100% of all money that may be earned by their words from
sales, radio airplay, television, motion pictures, live performances and to pay $80,000.00 Cash Bonus
for each song that reaches the Number One position and $20,000.00 Cash Bonus for each song that
reaches the Top Ten position in the internationally recognized Billboard Magazine Chart.
5. To edit the Songwriter’s words only for phrasing and commercial time allotment and to protect them from
plagiarism to the best of our ability.
                                                                    Songwriter agrees:

1. To make a one-time contribution of $369.00 for the song listed above to be professionally recorded.
2. To make a partial payment of $_______________________ (minimum $123.00) and send the balance in
payments that are convenient for my budget. I understand that I may use a personal check, money order or use
my charge card below.
3. Please charge my: Name on Credit Card: ____________________________ Amount $_________________
Card Number: _______________________________________________ Expiration date: _______________
Check song style preference: ____ Country ____ Pop ____ Christian ____ Rhythm & Blues ____ Rock
Print, sign and mail one copy of this contract with your contribution to:
Horizon Music, P.O. Box 292006, Nashville, TN, 37229
If you do not have a printer, e-mail us your regular address and we will send you copies by regular mail.
_____________________________________ _________________________________
Songwriter’s Signature

Ronnie James, President

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orksecurity4 years ago
This looks like a _CLASSIC_ scam, to be perfectly honest -- a complete swindle which is actually legal.

Note that "as Horizon Music deems appropriate" leaves them free to deem it inappropriate and do nothing at all.

Note that there's no guarantee of quality of anything they do for you. They're perfectly free to set your words to the same awful tune that they've used for the last 297 suckers, send you a CD of an unrehearsed run-through recorded in Fred's bathroom by a group of incompetents, and walk away $365 richer. (Heck, they could even use the same backing tracks they used for all those other suckers; there's nothing there which promises _new_ music will be composed, so all they really have to re-record is a new vocal track with your lyrics.)

Note that even if they make this absolute minimum effort, they'll have delivered what they promised so you'll have no recourse.

Nobody respectable goes randomly trolling the net for song lyrics -- or, if they do stumble across something and are impressed enough to want to do something with it, they'll send you something more than a form-letter come-on.

Do not walk away from this offer. RUN away.
Elena242 years ago
Pls guys cam some one tell me is this a scam? I am having this contract with me now but i don't know what to do cos there are alots of scamers in internet... Who knows what is writtin in the contract are they all true or atlist 50% true or a CLASSIC scam?
$380 can easily get you a decent guitar and a 4-track recorder, why not record your music all by yours?

Jaydabe2 years ago
I'm a professional songwriter that's has worked with various labels. It is actually a pretty good deal. As a nonestablished songwriter, it is pretty pricey to jump start a serious career. It's very helpful if you yourself could sing and produce songs. In most cases its unlikely. In order to get an artist (especially mainstream) to record one of your songs, you're looking at a few hundred dollars upfront whether the song is unsuccessful or not. On average, I'd say for a hit recording, you're looking at 600-1200. Depends on how studio time they soak up also. The artist has to get paid, the producer, the engineer, musicians, and the light bill. I spoke to Ronnie James and he is very legit. He also throws in promotion and believe it or not. He's well respected in the music industry. If you want to start a serious songwriting career, want to build up a portfolio, this is a good start. Wish I would've done this earlier.
a2193 years ago
I had horizon music do two demos, which made tears come pouring when i heard the emotions and talents that were put into my song made my song just beautiful. I totally thought it was worth my money and now they are going to send my songs to 500 radio ststions.
Vyger4 years ago
This is from a forum I found through Google.

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|Apr 26, 2011

Beware, I submited a song and paid the money up front (dumb) because there was no problem with Horizon according to the Chamber of Commerce. The contract said Horizon would hire five studio musicians plus a singer, put music to the lyrics and submit the demo to recording artists. What they did was use band in a box and sent me two cd's, pretty expensive cd's and I have not heard a word since. How do you say SCAM.
Vyger4 years ago
This might be a fun one for Dateline with Chris Hansen.

At the very least tear it up and walk away.

If you want to get more involved report it to the authorities.

If you want to live on the edge write up an invoice for your time and consulting services and send it to them. Who knows maybe they would pay you.
kelseymh4 years ago
The fact that they are asking you for payment up front smells like a scam. Did you try checking either the Federal Trade Commission or State of Tennessee Office of Consumer Affairs Web sites, to see if this company is already listed as a scam?
frollard4 years ago
Fact of the matter is whether its legit or not can't be proven without more information. What does the contract say?

Even if you do get selected for distribution to a mega-star and they make hundreds of millions, you'll make peanuts on the song, thats how it works.