Isn't the electron a particle with a negative charge?

Could you please clarify the following sentence?

"A charge is the build up of positively or negatively charged electrons."



randofo26 days ago

A charge can be comprised of positive protons or negative electrons. In electronics, we are dealing with the flow of electrons.

UserInstru14 days ago

Yes it is. This is the root of the silly fact that make the difference between the "electric" current and the "electronic" current.. People usually thinks that the current flows from the positive pole to the negative pole. This can be considered right if we haven't to think to the electrons, that flows exactly in the opposite direction.

The Cathode of a Diode is the source of the electrons that will travel to the Anode, not the reverse.

Another point that move the thoughts in error i's the symbol of the Diodes that it's very similar to an arrow, and suggest us the wrong direction of the electronic current.

For all the multi-meter it's not a matter what the electrons are doing and what is they real direction, it' doesn't care.