I've got 3 knex gun questions.?

1: is there a pump-action Spas-12 made out of knex?
2: what is the smallest mag-fed oodammo pistol made?
3:What is the best pump-action gun with a good range?

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~KnexBuild~5 years ago
1: No, there is not.
2: Fred the Penguin posted a very small oodammo pistol. The Dunkis made a very small oodammo pistol in a forum topic. I think the Dunkis' pistol is the smallest.
3: K'nexsayer
1: There is a pump action spas-12 posted somewhere on KI. On this side you can find a link to it (the conduit 2 knex guns, something like that)
2: I think that one is from logicboy/fred the penguin. He has a forum topic about that.
3: I think the knexsayer, not sure though, as I haven't built it.
Knex.X (author)  dr. richtofen5 years ago
it's not pump-action. It only has a pump
oh,. ok
Kinetic5 years ago
Well I don't know about the first two, but i'm at the final stages of the K4, a very high power slide action railgun that uses a unique bow system. Pics will be up as soon as I finish it and we'll see what you think about it then. But I am pretty confident that it will change the way we think about slide actions and pumpl actions.