I've got a "what is it"?

Help ! This has been in my garage for years-what the heck is it ?

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it is a "Watchmaker's Gear Depthing Tool",these are used in making repair's giving a link for referance

(yep in the link is the matal version of the one you have)
ronfoster (author)  Bobblehead Einstein2 years ago
Dear Bobblehead Einstein,

Thanks so much for your input-I didn't have the slightest idea of what it was-

I'd like to get it in the hands of someone who could use it(if it's still a useable tool.

This is an antique
I would say put it up on ebay,seen some of these go on ebay
sell it to someone who collect's Antique clock & watch tool's
Have a nice day
Correction, it's a depthing tool/gauge. See:
iceng2 years ago
I think it is a device to hold a small item for presentation on a larger machine with four points of contact.  Non electric.
It could be a watch makers or jewelers tool.