I've greased my GORE-TEX hiking shoes by accident - how can I get the grease back out of the pores?

The GORE-TEX material is waterproof but still breathable so your feet don't get too hot while hiking - problem is, I forgot that you're not supposed to use grease on that material b/c it will fill the pores so the material can no longer breath.
What now? How can I get the grease back out? I thought about putting them into the washing mashine but than I thought this might harm the GORE-TEX, too...?!

PS: The shoes are LOWA hiking shoes, the outside LOOKS like leather (which is why I thought I could use grease), if this is any help!

Thanks a lot!

trf7 years ago
Im proably a bit late on this question but ive been going through the same issues with my gortex shells i use in the winter... they make special washing detergents made for goretex and meant to re add waterproofing...its called tech wash...alot of outdoors places carry it.. heres an example.. http://www.ems.com/product/index.jsp?productId=3781561 cheers!
Sean_Voodoo8 years ago
yes get som gojo hand cleaner and put it on and wash it and let it dry  if u want ucound wipe it a few times
Re-design8 years ago
Gojo hand cleaner might be good also.  It disolves the grease and carries it off.