I've heard that pop/beer tabs are higher grade aluminum than the cans?

Is it true?  If so, can they be separated and recycled at a higher value than the cans?

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Kiteman7 years ago
The ends and tabs of a can may be a different thickness, but the value for recycling is no different.

DJ Radio7 years ago
The tabs are not as malleable as the cans themselves.  I'm guessing that it's true.
That's because they are work hardened to make them, doesn't change the alloy
How do you know it has to be the same metal as the lid?
The lids are made of 5182, its stiffer and contains more magnesium than the body, which is probably made from 3104 alloy. 5182 is a much stiffer alloy than 3104.

It has to be the same metal as the lid.

NachoMahma7 years ago
.  Google is your friend.
.  I'm guessing that it is the same Al alloy as used in the cans. Even if it's a different alloy, it would take a whole lot of tabs to even equal a pound, much less the ton-sized lots you'll need to pay for separating the tabs.