I've put my tomato seeds in some pots and its been 15 days already, but I don't find a single seedling coming out.

I live in LONDON and at the moment its spring.

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3leftturns8 years ago
make sure they stay warm, have at least 8 hours of light, and don't water them too much, the soil should be moist, not flooded. Just be patient, they should come up. You can rig up a plant sprouter with a timer set for 12 on 12 off and a compact fluorescent bulb. It works good!
their seeds they don't need light till they are seedlings like this guy is asking of at the moment they only need there nutrients, water and warmth
I have heard that vegetables are irradiated to kill germs and this in turn kills the seeds. Try getting your tomatoes from local farms and use those seeds. ~Bob~
AndyGadget8 years ago
Are you keeping them warm enough? Tomato seeds need a bit above 70 degrees F (warm room temperature) until they get going, then you can grow them on in cooler conditions and ideally acclimatise them in a cold-frame before you put them out.
Yrewol8 years ago
how far down did you put the seeds? it could been put done too low and is it outside somehow? as birds may of eaten your seeds and you did buy new soil? and how often do you water it? sorry just clearing up some of the bases