Japense speaking?

I really like Japan and would love to learn the language. I have searched through a variety of different web articles but they all seem to be really confusing. I was wondering if anyone could suggest an alternative method/good site for learning Japenese cheap or (prefirably) free.
Thanks alot guys.

yokozuna3 years ago
There are two resources you should definetely check out. The first is Japanese in ten minutes a day. It can get you to a conversational level in a couple of weeks if you are wiling to put in the time. It's perfect for an English speaking person wanting to learn Japanese.

The other is an online community,  There are free lessons there, plus well-maintained message boards if you have specific questions.  There are a large number of both Japanese and English (and many other) speakers to be found there.
Excellent ideas.
Well, first of all, I would NOT recommend Rosetta Stone (WAY more money than you ever need to spend on language-learning, and it doesn't even work all that well), nor would I recommend any form of traditional lessons, as it turns out the traditional method of teaching and learning Japanese is unfortunately rather stupid.

Another thing is that I'd recommend getting relatively good at the spoken language before starting on the written language; spoken Japanese is actually pretty easy to learn, as foreign languages go. To this end, you absolutely want audio lessons. The best audio lessons by far are the Pimsleur method (, but unfortunately the comprehensive ones are pretty expensive. I'd go with the "Conversational" program option; it's around $50 and will give you a good feel for spoken Japanese so that learning from that point on will be much easier.

The best resources I've found are:

- The Pimsleur Method, as stated above
- "The Ultimate Japanese Phrasebook", by Nagamura Tsuchiya
- "Kanji Pict-O-Graphix", by Michael Rowley (mnemonics are a must for learning Japanese kanji)
- This page here:
- TextFugu -; a good way to learn some of the spoken language, and more importantly, *easily* the best way to learn the written language, although it costs $120 - which is still a heck of a lot less than Rosetta Stone. Get some (awesome) free lessons from it here:
- TextFugu
- TextFugu
- TextFugu
- TextFugu
- Did I mention TextFugu?
Anthrogeek3 years ago
I've used ! I met a lot of people who were interested in learning more English, while teaching me German. If this doesn't work out, try using Rosetta Stone. I used it while learning from others on polyglot. Hope this helps.
Re-design3 years ago
If you live in a large town you could go to the Japanese consulate. Tell them your desire and they may be able to hook you up with a "friend" who wants to learn English better and you can help each other out that way. I have a friend who speaks German and worked for the UN as an interpreter who started out that way.
Burf3 years ago
Google, "learn japanese online" and you will get a number of hits for free tutorials. I've never tried any myself, but if you're interested, its worth a shot.

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