The non fatty ends, are they not in reality jerky that can be eaten? Seems a waste to toss them.

mikeasaurus6 months ago

Fat has a very high moisture content. When making jerky, any fat on the meat won't dry out and leaves a vector for spoilage when the meat is stored at room temperature. Trimming the meat completely of fat removes that chance of getting sick.

You can easily save your fat trimmings and add them to stock or any other dishes that you cook. Good luck!

stalker1456 months ago

I do. Not dead yet ;)

john043 (author)  stalker1456 months ago

makes sense to me. I have made a good bit of jerky at outside ambient temperature, (game meat biltong is made this way in Africa) so as long as there is no rancid fat in it, I'd think it fine to eat.