Jigzaw puzzle with my scrollsaw, gaps are too thick?

Hello, i am very new at this, I just got yesterday a scrollsaw, and as i knew it was comming my way, I have been looking at tutorials and the like, but now that i made my first 4 simple 5 pices jigsaz puzzles, they seem loose, once i put them together and make them stan, for example a dog, they are loose, and the pices do nto stay together nicelly, i used 3 different saws, an 18.5 very thin cuts with pin, a general purpuse 15TPI with pin and a numer 5 skip tooth without pin.

Sorry about the language it is not my main.

Thank you for all the help ;D

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iceng8 months ago

I would make as many paper copies of the puzzle as there are pieces. Then cut each individual piece from the paper on different wood and fit them together with delicate sanding. This results in a no gap puzzle except where sanding was too energetic.. -.-. . -. --.

blonduckD (author) 8 months ago

Thank you everyone for all the tips, i have also realized that i was working with a speed too much at 1600 cpm they are looking much better, but i still need to learn to drive the wood :D

Jack A Lopez8 months ago

Just scale up the size of your puzzle. The the width of the saw cuts will be smaller by comparison.

Yonatan248 months ago

Can you buy a thinner blade? I believe the correct term for that is "kerf".

Kiteman8 months ago

This is a discussion on the subject on a scroll-saw forum:


Downunder35m8 months ago

Every type of saw blade will remove material.
Even the finest ones leave a gap in your puzzle pieces.
If you need a tight fit you have to enlarge the pieces you cut slightly and cut the holes for them out of a new piece of wood.
That is if you mean these simple ones for the kids.
To get a smaller gap you would need a thin cutting wire or jewelers blade.