Jim got arrested on the plane just for greeting his friend 3 rows down from him. Why?

The first person to answer this correctly will be in my next instructable. I get over 300 views a week.

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gmoon8 years ago
His friend's name is Jack.
73lonestar8 years ago
the faa is so tight on security in flights flight risk is the term that comes in mind and greeting a person 3 rows down in mid air looks like a signal or gesture to go forward with a plot for hi jack cause it take two or three persons to do in different parts of the fusalage
NikonDork8 years ago
Wow, such an honor to be featured in Bert's next mediocre instructable! Be sure to print it out and put it next to you soccer trophies and science fare medals!
cyc40158 years ago
his friends name is Bomb.
Bert99 (author) 8 years ago
I will put Gmoon on my next instructable. thank you
nousaw8 years ago
He said, "Hi Jack".