Joule Thief Speaker Amp?

If a joule thief circuit can be used to amplify a battery to power an LED, could it possibly be used to amplify a speaker instead of a LM306? chip?

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acmefixer6 years ago
An amplifier is a different kind of circuit. You can use the transistor from a JT along with a few others and a few parts to make a simple amplifier. Here is a three transistor amplifier for driving a small speaker.
You can see many other interesting circuits at Bowden's Hobby Circuits. Have fun!
Re-design7 years ago
No. They work on different principles.
The Joule Thief is not an "amplifier" in any normal sense of the term. However, a Joule Thief might be used to power an amplifier.
. I suppose one could call a joule thief a voltage amplifier. Still not going to work since audio amps are power amplifiers (voltage and current are amplified, not just voltage).
I'd call it closer to a transformer. (It's essentially a DC-to-DC converter, right?). And I wouldn't normally call a transformer an amplifier. But your usage may differ; de gustibus...