Jump rings for jewelry?

i recently bought a jump ring maker at hobby lobby but the best wire i can find it aluminum wire. i need something that i can make small jump rings with, not expensive, can be bought in a store, and is stiff. any help here please?

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Burf7 years ago
Check with some of your local hardware stores for annealed stainless steel wire. You can get a one pound roll for a relatively low price. Its soft enough to be bent in a jump ring maker but stiff enough for most jewellery applications.
rickharris7 years ago
In general jewellery should be made from a metal that will not react with the skin. Nickle and cadmium are not good prospected in this area so for purists silver and gold are the metals. Silver wire is fairly easily available at reasonable prices through the internet.

Copper can work BUT will make you skin green.

Stainless is OK but here you would find it hard to get pre annealed stainless wire in small diameters.

Our stores have a lot of anodised wire for decorative jewellery you could use that. Joining the rings up is difficult as aluminium won't easily solder.

Do people use Cd? I wouldn't have thought of that.
Don't forget Pt.

Burf lemonie7 years ago
If it is made in China, its quite possible. Lots of kids metallic toys have been recalled in the U.S. because they contained cadmium.
lemonie Burf7 years ago

"Contained" is a world away from "being made of". But it was just a jewelry-metal question.

You may get it as a coating or as an alloy - some pewter may have Cd in it. Either way not good.
I buy my jump rings by I bet the wire used for chainmail will work.
Yeah, spring steel should work, so long as the springback doesn't prevent you from making the rings.