Just want to know more about inputs on the cpu?

on the HP Pavilion Laptop and theToshiba Satellite Laptop i wanted to know what inputs do they  have and what are thier uses,which laptop would be best for online classes??

Inputs on the CPU? What are you talking about? You do realize the CPU is the Central Processing Unit? You know the large chip inside the machine thats typically made by either Intel or AMD. Some people like to refer to there PC's tower or the body of the laptop as the CPU and that is wrong.

Depending on which models of HP and Toshiba you are looking at they could have the same Intel or AMD CPU inside. As for which one will be better for online classes... it doesn't really matter. Any $400 laptop will be able to run any software needed to view online classes. Now if those classes require some additional software... For example if you taking some sort of engineering class that you need to use some CAD software for then you will need a Laptop that can handle that. Such as a workstation class laptop. So check the minimum and recommended specs for any software you'll need to run and get the laptop that meets or beats them.

Asking what laptop you need for classes is like asking what car you need at a car dealership. (AKA... we need more information!) :)

My personal opinion is that HP is a piece of junk, so I would go with Toshiba for the brand. Other than that, I can't tell you what to buy without more information.