KNEX instruction booklets?

Hi there,
My son just received a bunch of older K'nex but without the instruction booklets.  Any ideas on how to get booklets from the early 90's.  Their website wasn't helpful.  I need booklets for GIANT SET that has over 1800 pieces that includes instructions for Tractor Cab, Centerpost Crane and more.    Also for the intermediate set that has 770 pieces that will build an airplane, ferris wheel and monster truck.  I will take photo copies and would be happy to pay for the copies, shipping and trouble.  thank you!!  My son just loves to build and he will create what he can.

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You can actually download PDF's from their website now.  The codes you need to enter are "50015" (Intermediate set) and "60020" (Giant set).

kan u give meh teh code ta the yellow knex box????????

thx:) cuz i had dat set 4 years.
GTRPLR19958 years ago
Try ebay.