Kaysan Stepper Motor ( Motor Shield or Easy Driver ) ? How to stop motor after rotation?

I am Mechanical Engineering student working on my Intro to engineering class project. We are a group of two students ME and EE but unfortunately my EE partner dropped out of class and I have to finish the project myself.
The project is about rotating some sort of pipes. I have not figured out where to place the electric motor but all I am working on now is setting up the circuit and the motor.

I have a kaysan stepper motor nema 17
Datasheet link : 

I am planning to have the motor rotate one or two rotations in only one direction and then stop. When a push button is pressed the motor will start rotating the one or two rotations.

I did some research and I found out that I need a motor shield or Easy drive to control the motor. So far I have the following items:
1. kaysan stepper motor nema 17.
2. Arduino Uno Board.
3. Adafruit Motor Shield v2.3
4. Easy Driver Shield Stepper Motor Driver V44 A3967.
5. Push buttons and the circuit board.

I am really not sure what is the best to use between the Adafruit Motor Shield and the EasyDriver. What is best suitable for my application ? and in terms of the Arudino code how do I make the motor stop completely after specific number of rotations.
I have the Stepper Motor connected to the Arduino and I tested it using the Example code in the Arduino software but I am not really sure how to make the motor stop completely? As of the power supply, I am planning to use an external battery buy not sure what voltage I need.

Your help is really appreciated.


iceng9 months ago

At high speed a stop of stepping will inertia slip steps and loose synch of shaft location.

To stop a stepper you need to decelerate the motor gradually in order for the computer to know the shaft position with certainty...

steveastrouk9 months ago

Don't send it any steps, and it stops ! Calculate how many steps = 1 revolution, send n x steps = n revs


Now... fyi (educationally) ...One way to stop a stepper and (within limits) keep it from further rotation is to short the drive leads. It produces a brake.

Try it with a stepper. Rotate the motor by hand. Now twist the four leads together and try again...

rickharris9 months ago

If you remove the drive signal to the driver board then the motor will stop. However it will not have a strong holding force.

When you control the stepper you will be sending a specific number of turn commands to the board (steps) this will move the motor that far - I don't know what the driver board has on it - it may be an H bridge or it may be simply a darlington driver chip (often ULN2003) you can find out a lot about interfacing steppers here


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