Keeping food warm

When I make my lunch, I do it the night before because I don't have the time or energy in the morning. But I have a dilemma, my food is never warm by lunch time! I need a simple and compact way to keep my food warm that will fit into my lunch box.

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Anianna7 years ago
I would try making a pouch with a layer of Mylar (like from a cheap emergency blanket or even a recycled balloon), felt for support and additional insulation, and fabric to make it look nice. The design could be simple, like the shape of a Ziploc baggie or it could have sides and a bottom to make it more sandwich accommodating. Sandwich the layers together with the felt in the middle and sew the pouch as if all layers of fabric were one. Another idea might be to reuse juice pouches. Just sew or weld them to make a sturdy sandwich shaped pouch. There are a number of instructibles showing how to assemble juice pouches into various objects.
orksecurity7 years ago
Vacuum bottle.
Fizzxwizz (author)  orksecurity7 years ago
thanks but I'm looking for something more sandwich shaped.
I noticed that your question hasn't been answered so excuse my spelling and grammar as I try to help. You can try going to Denny's or IHOP some place where they will give you take out boxes if you don't finish all your food you don't even have to wait you can say you want it to go and they will put your order in a plastic foam box and they will put your drink in a Styrofoam* cup. You then take that home eat food or put it in the fridge or what ever. You need to cut out 5 pieces one for each side of the sandwich and number 6 for a door. notes: Take room for paper towels to add more insulation and clean up when done eating. Try using card board to reinforce it and insulate or just use the cardboard or use multi-layers of the foam try different combos card from packing boxes or cereal boxes. hope I have been helpful if you still need help let me know *The difference between the cups and the box, is they are different materials and the cups aren't recyclable.
Fizzxwizz (author)  Rimwulf7 years ago
Thanks for the comment.Sounds like a nice idea that I might try. Its too bad you posted this as a reply though, I can't give you best answer.
Wrap it in towels or position it in an insulated lunch bag with a nalgene filled with hot/warm water.