Kid has destroyed earjack on cellphone. I removed the jack but it still puts audio to the imaginary jack.

I guess he put in a full sized ear jack and it takes mini so it is obliterated. I got rid of the physical jack and all its parts but it still outputs audio to the dead jack apart from the "turn the fone on"  sounds. So, am I missing something? Is there some secret thing that is stuck in the on position?
Anyway, probably lots of kids have broken earjacks so maybe someone has the same problem and knows a fix? It is pay go  out of waranty (just 14 days)  and it still has 50 bux on it.

orksecurity6 years ago
If all else fails, it's often possible to transfer a pay-as-you-go SIM to another (cheap/used) phone. I've done that several times, most recently about a week ago.
wastarita6 years ago
You have to look online and find the pin out for headphones jacks. When no headset is inside its considered normally closed, when you put the jack in it open's it up and the phone knows to use it. Right now since you don't have a jack inside, to the phone it looks open, so you will have to find which pins on the board need to be jumped. Every phone is different.
There's usually a tiny switch integrated in the socket - I bet its jammed in so badly its closed the switch.