Knex Gods?

who are considrd the Knex Gods on this site? Im not shore but Ive heard its Darth Trainman, The Jamalam, DSman, Killerk and thats all Ive heard can you tell me if Im wrong or tell me some others?


knexperts:---------------------------------------------------------knex GODS:

(your name here)-----------------------------------------------Darth Trainman
Dath Trainman--------------------------------------------------Viccie.B1993
The Jamalam----------------------------------------------------s0lekill3r
benfoxg------------------------------------------------------------tombuckey ( o.j )
Darth Gecko Man
DJ Radio

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www1392 years ago
cool knex135 years ago
Well I have only a few knex instructions but I am good so put me down!

Seleziona7 years ago
I'm not on the list? jk
dude you are a knex god
You really think? lol, thanks
ya you are awsome. i modded your sscb-11 knex gun into a crossbow that fires close to 80 ft with 5 rubberbands. Hey what do you think of my tow truck i posted a couple weeks ago
That's crazy!!! I'll check it out right now
ya know your double barrel shotgun modded mine to look like a spas 12
That's cool!
(your name here) is the only knex god in my book 90% of the knexperts are great my list would be also i dont hate any knexer excpect people who make block i mean come on my first gun was a true triggerit was a blck trigg but i didnt post it knexperts: knex_bulder_freak (your name here) The Jamalam benfoxg tombuckey The_Burrito_Master TheDunkis Trauts Wicky DSman195276 I_am_Canadian Jollex shadowman39 mepain(not my fav bulder for help or stuff like that) Bakenbitz Ironman69 Katarukito oblivitus KillerK Oompa-Loompa Silentassasin21 glitched Viccie.B1993 Knexguy oddalumps Darth Gecko Man Dutchwarlord DJ Radio killer~safecracker s0lekill3r pinpale bob and most of the people ive subed to
add me add me!! lol
well now i would =P
but when i posted that i had never heard of you
 lol! i have been around longer than you have (i think)
i have been a member since march 2008
you are a knex god
btw i have had other accounts but i dont use um so ive been on longer than you
 well fine :P  
 lol i was just joking, i have been doing knex for like 2 months lol

(but i haz been a member of ibles since 2008)
woop woop im on knexpert list :P:P
yes i should remove ommpa lompa from it hes hating guns now
The Jamalam8 years ago
How is s0lekill3r on the knex gods list and mepain, ooda, crestind etc not?
Are you kidding me? Go check out his Youtube account. He's amazing!
you ae also a knex god
I meant that mepain and the rest of the KI krew arent on there and s0lekill3r is.
Oodalumps is overated if you ask me. Sure, he is high in the ranks of KI, invented oodammo and made the first pump-action and mag-fed gun, but to be honest his gun's (and others) are not as great as S0lekill3r's or Mepain's. I have never seen any ball machines by him though (perhaps that is is speciality?) 
Tom Buckey (author)  The Jamalam8 years ago
i dont know i just put what people tell me
ElvenChild6 years ago
BarrtBoy Hiyadudez and everyone you mentioned
Tornado967 years ago
I think The burrito Master and Shadowman39 deserve to be on the Knex Gods side of this chart.
TheChemiker7 years ago

Darth trainman not really, but Zak and Kinetic are knex gods.

KnexFreek7 years ago

NYPA8 years ago
Revise this. Only about half belong on there. And add...
KnexFreek NYPA7 years ago
And me? 
KnexFreek7 years ago
 OK add me to the list. 
Don't forget Mepain. (ALTOUGH I HATE HIM LOL ;D) You probably won't believe me but i have the same, maybe even better skills than Viccie...
Why do you hate him?
he got banned from KI.
Why?, what happened?
 hey, do you think i should be added to this?

i haz potential, i haz good guns, i haz new guns, and i haz good ideas
Why would you care? The term "k'nexpert" isn't even used any more.
 cause... and i dont know that, also i didnt say Knexpert anywhere
? :P
This is a list of "K'nexperts"
 oh well...... whatev :P
hes not old enough
Lowney DJ Radio8 years ago
Isn't Mepain one of the co-founders of KI?
Lowney DJ Radio8 years ago
Why would people hate him for that?
and that made people hate him?
You're good, but Viccie=god's right hand man.
Me ;D
And of course, god is a lefty ;)
 Oeh me wanna be god!!
'You probably won't believe me but i have the same, maybe even better skills than Viccie...'

Do you ever find that people you meet find you annoying and boastful? Do they try and avoid you? Think this could be why?

The flag button is down there, by the way.------------>
well viccie posted a lot of great stuff if you have skillz then post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*points and laughs*

On a more serious note, Go to the asylum.
I laugh.
you do like to bost dont you
Bleh! :-( I hate these "Lets see whose best" Type forums... Just about all the regulars on KI dominate these "Gods"...
You probably dont want to see the picture I made just for KI then...
I would like to view said image.
Been gone since forever.
I suppose not.

Okay, what photo?
you can make it yourself If you like. Are you sure you wanna know how?
Unless it is highly inappropriate.
*witholds pic*
Oh, I see.
KillerK should be on the gods list

reasosearch KillerK in the search bar, notice something? there is only one thing by him on the first page, one!
KnexFreek8 years ago
HEY EVERYONE check out my knex contest!!!! U could win!!
KnexFreek8 years ago
u will add me after my next 5 guns i will all post tomarrow
Tom Buckey (author)  KnexFreek8 years ago
Okay. Reply a link to this comment.
Mr. Stealth8 years ago
Killerk isn't one of the Knex Gods, although he is a good knexer. You forgot one of the best on the site, Viccie.B1993. I think you'll like his work.
your right man KillerK makes great gun(s) and promises but that's only gun 1, sr-v1 and the funny thing is. that his video mite be fake
his vid isnt fake at all.
it's a mockup of Future Weapons.
Ok, so other than the fact that the people in the video were acting, but the gun was for real.
yeah but still
Yeah, maybe.
Lawls, you subscribed to me. Thats so nice. I'll bring more knex weapons soon....
You don't have to thank me, I just wanted to know when you will post some more awesome stuff. And if I were you I would start on the mod for logic boy's grenade, cuz' I've been waiting for it.
yeah i will, this time its gunna be big, once i get my 2 kilo bag of #64 bands from office works. Its grat they sell for 15 bucks
but is probebly a great gun anyway, but i wunder if he is ever gonig to post his sr-v2
Hey ferrari, i just saw that killerk made a slideshow of his two new guns, the BR-18 and something else but i forgot the name. Check it out!
Someone else did it for him, check it out.
Lowney TigerNod8 years ago
And that was me!
TigerNod Lowney8 years ago
Yup, thats right!
guns why guns planes are always an option lol <(*-*)>
Funny, I am posting one soon.
lets hope it really looks like one to :-)
I think it looks like one. For some reason I can't post any pics, but I can give you some background information. It is called the Firehawk-Banshee transformable starfighter (as in science-fiction movies and games, not the real one). The Firehawk (pic 1, 2, and 3) is a very fast (12000 kmpu, no hyperdrive installed) fighter-bomber armed to the teeth with a few railguns, a rotatable missile turret, some extra long range missiles under the wings and a terrifieing long range plasma cannon. But its maneuvrebility is not so good compared to others. The Banshee however (pic 4, 5, and 6) is one of the most manouvreble fighters and is equipped with rotatable wingtips and rotatable rapid-fire railguns, but it can only reach 800 kmpu which makes it very vunareble to long range weapons. Switching them at the right moment could make this a deadly foe. PS: If there are any serious spelling mistakes in his post, I'm sorry, the spell check isn't working.
Killerk is a knex god. You seen his BR?
Yes I saw is BR. It was spammed on every instructable. This post was when he only had 2 instructables. I think the term God is used a little loosely. It should be narrowed down to only 5 people.
Unless you are a monotheist.
I'm not saying that. I just think too many people are considered to be the "Gods." Can't you pick out a few that are better than others on that list? Don't get me wrong, all the people on that list are incredible Knexers, but some stand out more that others.
An Villain8 years ago
delete oompa-loompa he deleted his things.
and bakenbitz
Bakenbitz just moved his stuff, because oodalumps told him to.
his stuff is on KI, he still has his stuff, oompa-loompa's stuff is gone.
choose me!choose me!i made the SR-v3!=D
if DJ Radio on the list, why ajleece isnt then?
DJ radio is creative
and ps...ajleece, mepain, miles, the jamalam etc. etc. are all creative too...-.- DJ is not the only one who is creative, because everyone who makes quite big guns is.
hmm maybe he is but i think his guns are sucking... the only one i like is with that cool cocking mechanism.
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