Knex Pro?

What  does it take and how do you become a knex pro?

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Hiyadudez6 years ago
Define 'pro'?

If you want to be respected in the knexing community, think of something new, creative and innovative. Dont just go an build another gun with a normal trigger that has been done 10 million times before. Think of a brand new gun and trigger.

Do stuff like that and your rep will slowly build, but you can be pro whenever you want to be, but you just have to practice.
DJ Radio6 years ago
The true definition of "pro" is "Professional", meaning you get paid to build things out of knex. So technically none of us are pros unless we have won a Knex contest and received prize money, or otherwise get paid for building out of knex.
Just have faith in the creation you made, learn from people's comments, learn from engineering fails, and try using peoples knex things as an ispiration; Like I made redrum0777's desert eagle and it works great.
you just have to believe that you are and you will be
moxx6 years ago
in my opinion, you must be widely accepted as one the best at at least one type of knex, whether it be guns, ball machines, cars, or anything else.
joey996 years ago
to build complex stuff out of knex.