Knex pump action mech?

What is the knex pump action mech, I understand how to do the trigger but I cannot understand how the pump attaches onto the ram and how it stays on the body of the gun. Has anyone got a picture or an easy to build gun which doesn't use too many pieces and demonstrates the mech well, I don't care about power or reliability, I just want to understand the basic principles of the mech

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Try the mech from KNEX weebly pump action p90! You can mod it to make it smaller
Sharir17015 years ago
there are many different types of pump action mechanisms available. there is no one true pump action mech. the one you were linked to is a very very weak and bad example of a pump action mechanism. for a much better one, see my REMPAR-2. it uses a lot more pieces, but it's worth it.
I.E. (author)  Sharir17015 years ago
I would have made the rempar's but I just don't have enough pieces :( I'm going to have a look at eBay though
Sharir1701 I.E.5 years ago
ok. let me know on the i'ble page if you build it and i might add a picture of your's to the intro.
vivian20125 years ago
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