K'nex shell eject rifle- uses no modified/broken parts. Should I publish?

I made a K'nex rifle with auto-ejecting shells and a magazine- Here's the best part: It uses no modified or broken pieces, and doesn't need all that many pieces that are intact. It doesn't have the best range, 30-40 feet with 1 rubber band, but i think the shell eject with no broken parts makes up for that. What do you think? This would be my first Instructable, and i want to get off to a good start by posting something besides an 11-piece "pistol" with a block trigger. And, yes, mine DOES have a true trigger.

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Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
rjap-tjong6 years ago
ad it and if you did sent me a link
oscartd6 years ago
post please and i will biuld
mahmel7 years ago
I've posted a shell-ejecting knex gun, range 10m/33.33 feet. Check it out if you're interested.
NYPA8 years ago
post but change the name. it is NOT a knex rifle as it stands. if it does NOT have a rifled barrel it is NOT a rifle. shell eject is usally shotgun but if it does NOT spread the bullets it is NOT a shotgun. its your job to find a name but just remember it is NOT A RIFLE!!!!!!!!
you cant exactly put a rifled barrel on a knex gun...unless you seriously modify like everything.
Shell ejection comes in ALL guns, not just shotguns.
Yes, K'nex rifle applies to any gun that looks like a rifle here. By your reckoning, there can be no k'nex rifle. The velocity of k'nex ammo isn't enough to support spinning ammo, and they would just spin out of control.
If you made a killerK bullet (minus the fins) and attached bands to both sides of the frond then twisted it around a few times then fired it out of a SR-V2 you might be able to achieve the velocity needed to make it feasible.
Furloy NYPA8 years ago
you could say its a shotgun that shoots slugs
NYPA Furloy8 years ago
Yeah, that would be better.
Furloy NYPA8 years ago
Picture 37.png
Merugop NYPA8 years ago
........ NYPA if you need to tell this to everyone........................ Then your dead and still half of them are "rifles"
NYPA Merugop8 years ago
Ok then. i'm just being logical.
its not a real gun therefore does not have to have the same naming standards as such
bounty1012 NYPA8 years ago
yah seriously, knex guns cannot have a rifled barrel, so we can call them whatever, knex shotguns dont spread but fire multiple green rods at the same time when you pump them.
I made a k'nex rifle, it works 1 every 3 times, so first time it spins and shoots the bullet by the rubberband twisting and other 2 times it spins out of control, worth posting?
Sounds awesome.
should I post? It's going to get a bad reputation for stuffing up the 2 times in a row. I mean the spinny thing only works with special 5 piece build ammo and on that gun.
Well, it could help us find a way to "Advance" our knex technology, by making an actual rifled rifle.
Anyone can do it, bu it requires thought, not just a bunch of k'nex pieces jump to mind subconsiously, hthe reasons why i haven't posted any guns at all are becasue mine are too elaborate to show with pictures and a video. A lesson is what is needed
this is a stupid question, why not post, im giving this a 0.5 and i dont know why i am replying to you
alfpwns NYPA8 years ago
he can name it what he wants so bug off
NYPA alfpwns8 years ago
i'm just saying.
alfpwns NYPA8 years ago
i know but still call it a rifle or wha t you want
Spycrab7 years ago
post, it's been a year since you've posted this info page :p
dansdoc7 years ago
NYPA7 years ago
As Sonic the Hedgehog would say, I'm waaaaaaaaaaiting.
Anything with shell ejection can be a pretty cool gun. (if anyone here is able to make a shell ejecting machine gun, Then I would build it in 0.0000000000000000000000000000000000001 nanoseconds because of intense excitement.) I know it's possible to make one.
Jesus.8 years ago
pkmn7 years ago
DANGIT! POST IT ALREADY! I need something to build.
Well, first post a pic?
dansdoc7 years ago
post post post now please email it to me
dansdoc7 years ago
yes post now now now now please email it to me
koal17 years ago
Im 100% positive you didnt make a gun like this, cause if u did you wouldnt ask people if you should post it
KNEknex8 years ago
auto-ejecting shells could one of the best properties iv'e seen in a knex gun. deffinately post it.
ryahe8 years ago
yes post it definitely
deadaccount8 years ago
is it posted yet?
Kinetic8 years ago
Post it. And 30-40 feet with ONE rubber band is actually really good.
Sandy444448 years ago
Sandy444448 years ago
post it please
The Jamalam8 years ago
Post it.
lioneatr8 years ago
Well , here at the knex sector of instructables, we are dedicated to innovation.
In that case,your gun would be the first to have shell ejection and use no modified .And in that case your gun is innovative. Please post it because you will get a good reception form all of us.And i will definitely build it if posted.Hope this helped!!!
Tom Buckey8 years ago
well you should post and if people dont like it you can always take it off! you could always post a slide show or video of it first.
AndyGadget8 years ago
Yep, go for it! There's an active bunch of Knexers on Instructables and new ideas are always welcome.
Actually, the shell ejection system isn't new, unless "crazykenny" has a new ejection well.
post it. it is definitely better than the 11 piece block trigger guns. so give it a try
knex_mepalm8 years ago
Just post it, why ask about it...?
bounty10128 years ago
kitemans law "Thou shalt post!"
30-40 feet with rubberband is actually quite good, i say post!
TigerNod8 years ago
Cool, I'd say post! Don't worry about the range.
andyherrett8 years ago
post ill make
An Villain8 years ago
please post.
chopstx8 years ago
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