Knex vehicles, what's the point?

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Kiteman7 years ago
Exactly the same as "K'NEX anything".
jingo696 years ago
WHATS THE POINT OF KNEX GUNS?!?! They hurt and cars are more creative and if maybe when your older and want to become a car designer it kind of helps,
knex is a great and fun engineering toy!!!
MrSillyGuns (author)  jingo696 years ago
lol, random
Jayefuu7 years ago
I think if you remove "Vehicles" from your question, you'll have a much better question.
Jayefuu. I am VERY ashamed of you mister.
.  I have nothing against K'nex, but I do love your answer. ;)
i totally agree with you
lemonie7 years ago

When someone makes a K'NEX tank that fires shells....

I think that Lowney made one for rods, but I'm not 100% sure it does. I know for sure that Instructable Doggie made one a while back. They fire rods, not shells, but perhaps I could have a go...
~Aeronous~7 years ago
Knex guns, what's the point? I think this is a bit shallow of you.
But with guns, you can shoot them and they can be used in a war, or messing with friends. Because vehicles have no use; but they don't need to have a use, they're just are useful as replicas of guns. They're still cool though, and it's K'nex, it doesn't need a use; it's just cool.
I know, but I built the NAR for the challenge of building it (I beleive you know how hard that is), not for owning some cans. It is fun to build, and trying to replicate something as well as you can. Also, you can get remote controlled knex cars.
Acepilot427 years ago
knex vehicles rule :D
MrSillyGuns (author) 7 years ago
Please don't think that i hate knex vehicles, i just wanted to know everyones opinion. :)
acidbass7 years ago
okay the point of knex vehicles are the fact that when you buy knex most of the time THE SETS ARE VEHICLES plus the vehicles might be more interesting and require more creativity than guns (i dont know because i build REAL things not the little knex poser things)
Acepilot427 years ago
YOU whats the point? i have some awsome knex stuff. you can mount guns and motors to them and use them in war :D