Know any technology related contest?

As you can tell by the question, i'm just really excited / interested in entering a contest

if you know any (technology related) ongoing (online) contest / competition / challenge please let me know

(it can be anything; i.e. robots or even photography)

p.s. free to enter only please

p.p.s. other than those on

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rickharris5 years ago
There is no "Obviously" involved - If you mean it say it.
rptech (author)  rickharris5 years ago
just fixed it
frollard5 years ago
rptech (author)  frollard5 years ago
come on man, seriously?
i obviously mean other than those on instructables
frollard rptech5 years ago
not obviously. You asked for contests online, of any type. You'd be ASTONISHED the number of people who ask questions on here that are EASILY answered, like "how do I search for something?"...the answer may be under their eyes but because its so big they gloss over it.

So, no I'm not being unreasonable answering your question with what seems like an obvious answer.