LDR and/or PWM for energy efficient 'smart' dimmer?

Is there any way to combine a Light Dependent Resistor or other light sensor with a Pulse width modulator to (energy efficiently) dim indoor lighting in the presence of sufficient natural light?  Thanks!

You'd only really PWM DC powered lights. Mains filament lighting would be triac dimmer controlled, and 12V lights, operated from a transformer fed by a triac dimmer.  Dimmer circuits can be electrically noisy, if you don't know what you are doing when you design them.
lemonie7 years ago
Systems like this can do funny things when traffic passes or trees move in the wind, or clouds etc. You're best using your finger on the switch.
Although this type of thing can be and is done.

NachoMahma7 years ago
Start here.
.  If that doesn't work, try this.
godofal7 years ago
i wouldnt know about pulse width modulators, but try microprocessors, like the attiny13, that should be good enough.

they have energy saving settings, so if you know a bit of C++ its easy to make it work.